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About Us

Mental Health Without Borders (MHWB) is a volunteer-led charitable organization that started with a group of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals who have worked in different countries and communities to develop mental health services.  


Our vision is accessible and sustainable mental health services for all, and Mental Health Without Borders strives to obtain this through education. 


Most of our work has been in partnership with the Country of Guyana, but moving forward we would like to expand to other countries around the world.  


Our Board of Directors has worked closely with the Country of Guyana to assist with ongoing education of medical students, residents, family physicians, psychiatrists; as well as other disciplines, including nurses, social workers, hospital security and police. Our board has also been involved in assisting in the creation of a National Suicide Prevention Strategy as well as assisting to create opportunities for the empowerment and sustainability of long-term mental health care development in countries requesting need.


Moving forward, MHWB will continue to support access to sustainable mental health services for countries in need across the globe by supporting various education initiatives.

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